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Bamboo Range of Bed and Bath
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Wrap yourself in the softest and most luxurious Bed Sheets of all time.  Bamboo sheets made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo are amazingly soft and similar to cashmere or silk but 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and naturally antibacterial which make them perfect for those with allergies or have problems with dust mites.  Bamboo bedding is 60% more absorbent than cotton, due to its micro-structure which allows a much better sleep because you stay dryer and more comfortable than with any other fabric and it is one of the most sustainable produce of this century.

Bamboo sheets and Duvets are extremely soft and comfortable which have a natural smooth sheen to them, they are super breathable and can adjust to your body temperature, and they are also hypo-allergenic, wicks moisture away, odour resistant and mildew resistant.
Rayon from Bamboo or Viscose from Bamboo are both common terms used when referring to Bamboo fabric derivatives.  Bamboo wood undergoes an additional process before the fibres are spun into yarns, once the bamboo yarns are turned into a Viscose or Rayon they are then woven to create bamboo fabrics.

*Bamboo has been around for thousands of years.

*Extremely environmentally friendly

*Extremely comfortable in all temperatures – warm in winter – cool in summer.  Particularly helpful for menopausal Hot Flashes.

*Bamboo is one of the softest natural fabrics of this century and noticeable softer than cotton.

*Bamboo naturally hugs the body the same way silk sheets do.

*Bamboo is grown without pesticides, toxic chemicals, fertilizers or irrigation to help it grow, unlike cotton which required heavy usage of pesticides and irrigation.

*Bamboo is highly dust mite resistant.

*Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world today because of its ability to absorb water and is classed as the natural green and eco-friendly textile material of this century.
*The Bamboo plant is very robust as it can tolerate extreme drought and flooding and because of its wide root and canopy it reduces rain runoff which helps to prevent soil erosion.

*Animal and Vegan friendly – unlike silk or cashmere - no animals have been harmed in any way manufacturing Bamboo fabrics.

There is no better prescription for having a better night’s sleep than sleeping on Bamboo Sheets, Duvets or Comforter sets.  Sweet Dreams!

Bamboo Sheets, Bamboo Duvet Sets, Bamboo Comforter Sets and Bamboo Towel Sets are all part of our beautiful and eco-friendly range.

Sleep in comfort with bedding from Egyptiancottonkingdom.com

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