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About Bamboo and Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo is a extremely sustainable resource this world has to offer.  The grate of this plant growth is around 3 feet (1 meter) a day reaching massive heights of up to 90 feet.  It balances oxygen and carbon dioxide as it releases 35% more oxygen and takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gases than that of timber trees.

At harvest time rather than pulling out the roots the stalks are cut which makes this plant a soil conservation tool which is also allows the bamboo to re-grow for the next harvest again and again.   There is no need of harmful pesticides or fertilizers in the growing of Bamboo which makes it an extremely eco-friendly resource.  Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on earth with over 1000 different varieties and  is used for building homes and boats yet is is so soft when woven into Bamoo Fabric.

The Bamboo plant forms a very dense root system and doesn’t have a tap root like trees but has a root mass like other grasses.  It is partly deciduous which drop and rejuvenate therefore making the floor constantly covered with a tick cover of mulch which in turn breaks down into a compost for the soil.  No need to replant the Bamboo plants as the regenerate themselves with new shoots each year.  Bamboo tolerates extreme droughts and flooding is naturally organic and grows like weeks.  

Bamboo being a totally natural fibre with no toxic chemicals added to it's growth  making this fabric naturally hypo-allergenic, it wicks away moisture, regulates body heat, which makes it a perfect choice for Pregnancy and Menopausal systems or hot flashes, is odour and mildew resistant.  Bamboo is highly breathable as soft as silk and more absorbent than cotton.  Will keep you dryer than cotton as it absorbs up to 60 more water than cotton which in turn will give you a great nights sleep.

Sleep in comfort with bedding from Egyptiancottonkingdom.com

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